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The Not so Wonderful Life
Turn Back Now -- Save Yourself
Was thinking, forgot some stuff. Two nights ago, the night before… 
17th-Jun-2005 12:26 pm
Was thinking, forgot some stuff. Two nights ago, the night before convocation, in honour of our graduating class, we painted the SAc (SUX) Dome. The student adminastrative council, for all of U of T. So it was painted all black with a little hat on top with a tassle, it was so cute. So I was up until 4 in the morning doing that, and then Henry came back with me to my rez and he slept over. But we had to be back at school for 9, so 7:45 wake up call to get all of us through the shower...and so not much sleep, but it was fun. Then the bnad event, which was previously discussed.

So last night, I went to Stein's with Todd's family and just was going around talking to a bunch of people. It was fun. And then came back here and proceeded to watch the "SMA Grad 2004" video that was lying out from the rest of them for some odd reason (a sign I guess). And that was awesomely fun. *tear*

Last day of class today, that's so horrible! Well I mean I'm happy that school is almost over (I just have 2 hours left later on today), but that means that exams are coming and I don't know. I really dislike ece and I know mse is going to be hard...and to top it all off...Calc II is going to be a bitch and a half. I have a lab due on monday re: materials selections, 7 online calc assignments due not this monday, but the following monday and those take over an hour for one. I'm going to die. Ah well, just two more weeks...two more weeks of hell so that I can endure 3(+???) more years in Skule, which I love. So Hmmm....Good tradeoff I guess.
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