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17th-Jun-2005 12:26 pm(no subject)
Was thinking, forgot some stuff. Two nights ago, the night before convocation, in honour of our graduating class, we painted the SAc (SUX) Dome. The student adminastrative council, for all of U of T. So it was painted all black with a little hat on top with a tassle, it was so cute. So I was up until 4 in the morning doing that, and then Henry came back with me to my rez and he slept over. But we had to be back at school for 9, so 7:45 wake up call to get all of us through the shower...and so not much sleep, but it was fun. Then the bnad event, which was previously discussed.

So last night, I went to Stein's with Todd's family and just was going around talking to a bunch of people. It was fun. And then came back here and proceeded to watch the "SMA Grad 2004" video that was lying out from the rest of them for some odd reason (a sign I guess). And that was awesomely fun. *tear*

Last day of class today, that's so horrible! Well I mean I'm happy that school is almost over (I just have 2 hours left later on today), but that means that exams are coming and I don't know. I really dislike ece and I know mse is going to be hard...and to top it all off...Calc II is going to be a bitch and a half. I have a lab due on monday re: materials selections, 7 online calc assignments due not this monday, but the following monday and those take over an hour for one. I'm going to die. Ah well, just two more weeks...two more weeks of hell so that I can endure 3(+???) more years in Skule, which I love. So Hmmm....Good tradeoff I guess.
16th-Jun-2005 10:41 pm - One day left.
Whoooo!!?!!! So School is done tomorrow. Then exams :S Almost there almost there.

So Engineering convocation was today, so I crashed with the bnad. And I saw Todd, all in his black gown with the red sash and almost started crying. I really want to get there. GAH! All those perty iron rings with red, fur sashes and gowns. So nice! Sounds gross but engineering seriously got the best colour fur. haha. I flew the flag with the bnad again. I love it, but my hand hurt like a biznotch after. Ah well, you live and learn...apparently I don't learn ; )

So I also saw Chris today. And yestarday, he came up and started talking to me. Needless to say it was quite an awkward conversation. Just "Hey, how's it going?" me looking at my notes (because I was studying) and just the good, how's school, thought you were done...nope...well I finished near the bottom of my class (Because we can check our ranking in our programs) and I Was like "well at least you passed" and he agreed, then asked what my placement was...hehe 19 on 53...not bad (SHE'S COMING BACK! WHOOO) hehe. Considering I was 280 on 285 in first term :S haha. So then he went to get his skulebook (our yearbook) and then just left! AGAIN! Stupid butt. So I saw him today, because he was convocating as well. His ex, ex who is now his present gf was there. GAH! I hate that boy. NO, not hate, just mad at.

So Skulebook is awesome! I love it! Out of like the how many people in Skule, I managed to sneak in like 20 pictures at least. hehe. I love being involved. So That was cool, just seeing and remembering what i've done over the past year. Good times. Well now i'm off to Einstein's (Stein's) to celebrate everyone's graduating! hehe. I swear no drinking! hehe.

10th-Jun-2005 01:33 am - Weekend almost here!
Been a bit busy lately...it's actually kind of been hell...
I got back a bunch of marks, they all suck...best one...3 on 20 on my ece quiz. Man, so bad...but the funny thing is that the average was 4 on 20...so i'm doing okish...haha. Sad isn't it. Damn U of T. Sometimes how I loathe thee.

Ah well, so midterms are coming up once again in a week's time. And then in two weeks, finals...GAH! what the hell eh! AGAIN! So by the end that will make 13 exams written in university already...that's a hell of a lot for one year. Yeah, I suck I know...well let's just saying i'm getting good practice. : S.

So excited for June 26. Do you know what June 26th is? I'm sure you don't! Well maybe you do! It's the Toronto Pride Parade!! WHOOOO!!! Second largest in the world. I'm going to be marching in it with the LGMB...the bnad. And the cannon is going to be there too...and we're going to get all dressed up in bright fun colours! It will be wicked awesome!! I can't wait. Yes, I do have two exams the next two days after...but everyone needs a little break right?!! RIGHT?!! O GOSH I REALLY WANT TO GO!!! Well I hope I can go, that's all I have to say.

Natalie, stupid Natalie....her and I got in big fight and Alaina got in a big fight with her too...so one night we just went out for a walk and like left all the other behind and home....because we's was so mad. So we went for bubble tea and at the end there were so many bubbles left that we ended sitting in the middle of this waterfall at our rez and shooting bubbles in the water around us. Good times. And the stupid little biznotch drank from the same cup as some girl at work who has mono...and then I forgot and she was eating some of my frosty, and my mac and cheese and I don't even know what else...she uses my toothpaste too...man...if I get mono...and it's not even from some good looking guy...i'm going to be pissed.

O well, best be off to bed, 1:40 in the morn and I have an 8 am lab...*pukes*
5th-Jun-2005 03:26 pm(no subject)
O Man...that's all I have to say about last night. So fun!

So Todd's friends from Ottawa are in town just for the weekend and they went to "Canada's Wonderland" yestarday. When they finally come home last night around like 11:30 at night...Todd's like "Alaina, I know you always wanted a pet, but didn't know if you could take care of it...so I got you this!" and he whips out the HUGEST cameleon type stuff animal EVER! It was so bloody huge...like bigger than me...seriously. So I was jumping up and down in excitement because that just means I have new buddy! hehe. So I prompt stole it from the living where it was sitting and hyjacked it to my room. Where Alaina chased after me, I took out Todd's friend Joel, and jumped onto the floor in my room with the lizard....then Alaina started humping me with the lizard...it was quite hilarious. O yes, all the mean time I was wearing goggles that look like underwater masks, because I was writing my mse lab and felt as if I had to "get in the zone" so to speak.

SO THEN, Todd, Joel and Karen also brough home chocolate milk, orea cake and whipping cream...so we decided to dig in. The rules were...no plates, no glasses, pure fun.

So I was dared to put my face in the cake because I was wearing goggles...so I did...and it's now on tape...I did it "three" times actually...the first time, the second time (slow motion) and the third...where it was suppose to be super fast motion...but I missed the cake and my goggles hit the table and my face rebounded...needless to say, everyone was in tears from laughing so hard.

Then Alaina was dared to put whipping cream up her nose and drink milk from the bag. She did...got whipping cream in her lungs and was coughing up stuff for a bit.

And then Joel filled the goggles with whipping cream and put them on...and then Alaina smashed the whipping cream into his face more

AND THEN Todd was dared to do a whipped cream bikini...just the top, thank gosh! haha...so he did...but the whipping cream was slipping down so he was walking bent backwards towards Alaina and was like "o no, it's slipping lick it!"...so...when he was close enough Alaina smashed the little balls of whipping cream and it flew EVERYWHERE!!! And the funniest part was that it was all over the walls and it ended up that Todd had the PERFECTEST Hitler mustache. SO FUNNY! I was rolling around on the ground laughing.

Then we decided we were bored and Alaina decided to jump in the HUGE plastic bag that the stuffed animal came in. So Todd and I decided to drag her down the hall in hopes that someone would walk by and think we were disposing of a dead body. No one came, so we went in the elevator and down to the main floor...and again...no one was coming so Todd jumped in the bag with her and then people came! And Joel and I were pretending to drag the bodies out and asked the group of people "can you help us please?" haha. So they were like "uhh...there are people in that bag" and we were like "yeah...". So they held open the doors for us while we dragged Todd and Alaina outside...

Then we decided to go to the quad and watch the stars on the big sheet of plastic. So we did...it was so nice...and then we went to bed.

TONIGHT!!! LotR Symphony!!!! SWEETT!!!!!! IT's going to be so good, i'm going to shit myself!! or pee myself, either or. So yeah, needless to say I have to get some work done...but it's not getting done. Ah well. Good Times
2nd-Jun-2005 04:40 pm(no subject)
Il Divo...go listen! now!
1st-Dec-2004 11:37 pm - TO
So wow...it's been awhile...

Life here in Toronto brings to mind just a few words. Awesomely fun, yet stressful.

I quite enjoy the social life here, which I have been expanding on quite a bit...maybe a little too much...

I really don't know what to think...I'm scared shitless actually for skule. Never before had I been failing until now. High school was so easy and now i'm struggling and am in the bottom 1% of people in engineering science...it's rather depressing. I don't even know if i'm going to be getting high enough marks to pass and proceed to next semeseter...I hate it really, this not knowing...exams start on monday and I'm completely not prepared it's horrible. Life here is hard, but I enjoy the people emmensly.

It appears as if everyone in Winnipeg is getting along just great. Hope you guys are all doing alright and I love you! I miss you all too, sorry I don't talk to you guys that often things are a little hecktic, but drop me a line ANYTIME! *mwah*
7th-Sep-2004 06:57 pm - F!rosh week! Whoo! Day 1
So today was the first day of my Engineering f!rosh week. How much fun was today...too much I tell you! So let me break it down for you.

8pm we had to meet at con hall, so I managed to get a note to this other girl who I was talking to in line when we were checking in on the first day, and we walked there together. I was on team "sigma" (e thing, but I just don't know where it is on the symbols thing) and we just did a bunch of fun things in the field such as human pyramids, throw the f!rosh, etc. Then we went inside to pick up our $85 frosh kits and go in to do all the formalities...which were quite fun, considering we got to yell out, "jump up and down" and "drop your pants". That was good...

Then we went on a campus tour. So much fun...two teams actually stopped in the middle of a busy intersection...one team on each side and we started playing street hockey. The cars got so pissed but we just continued on playing. We also stopped traffic by playing leap frog with about 100 people...and then ate lunch.

We then went to be dyed. I decided for the whole body dying. First there was this wooden wall that we all had to walk under (little hole, crawl)...and there was f!rosh leaders on the other side with water guns and they soaked us. And then we had to crawl under a table...and then we went to those tall recycling bins and there was a bit of dye in the bottom...and f!rosh leaders poured more dye over our heads. So basically we were curled up in a recycling bin with toxic fumes...they were like "don't breathe or inhale". And when I got out, after inhaling, and I kinda opened my eyes, but it stung like a bitch and then they were all like "NO! Don't open your eyes!" so they had to lead me somewhere to wait until the dye around my eyes dried.

And then the fun began...we walked all through downtown toronto in our yellow hard hats and purple bodies chanting and singing. And we went through Eaton Centre and we had our engineering marching band out in the front...so wicked cool. Carrying banners too of course. So that was fun, everyone was staring and taking pictures it was great. And then in the middle of downtown-ish...near the law courts and that cool cut in two round building, there is a water fountain thing with water sourrounding it. Passing by the sign that said "no wading" we all jumped in and used our hard hats to start drenching people with water. It was quite enjoyable. Keep in mind we were all purple while we were doing this.

We finished off the night with dinner and now I think I'm off to the gym to meet up with two other engineering boys that me and Lauren (the girl from my rez who is also in engineering) met today. So we'll see how that goes. I feel like sleeping lots now.
29th-Aug-2004 02:43 pm - Take Two.
Life is boring when you're not doing something constantly. I think that's what I'll enjoy about the school year to come...I will always have something to do.

Let's start with Friday...Averi's good-bye/birthday/get together partay. So we went to her place and were fashionably late (cause Gill was driving). And then we ate some dip, a little bit of apple crisp and then had a male stripper. Who's idea you ask. None other than Gillian. Dear me. Hilarious. Thank God I saw nothing, but there were others who weren't so lucky. He was a cowboy...and needless to say, her parents had the best, worst timing ever. They came home when the cowboy was getting ready in the bathroom and Averi simply asked them to go out for a little bit longer and they complied...but it was a close call *phew*. So after that we just sat around and talked and that was fun.

Went out for lunch yestarday to Tavern in the Park...that was good. And then I went out glavanting with Kelsey for the rest of the day. Where didn't we go. We went to superstore, walmart, to fill up gas, to visit lisa at work, etc, etc, etc. And then we went out to see Collateral which was quite enjoyable, even though Tom Cruise wasn't smashing looking.

So tonight, we're going cruising, because apparently it's the cool/hip thing to do...who knew! I still have to get together with certain people who know who they are...as I have not seen them in over a month and I am departing on friday morning AND I DO WISH TO SEE THEM PRIOR TO DEPARTING! You know who you are.

I'm going to try this picture thing again...we'll see how that goes.

Morgan and me

Me and Erin (the one who let me be a part of her family while I was with her for two weeks at camp [her two brothers and her])

Me and Erin's brother, Banana Boy aka Evan

Me and Steph, the one from T.O. who I went to ac with in week one
26th-Aug-2004 02:26 pm - Concert-rama.
So yestarday I went to a concert in Carmen. Yeah...I knew that crowned king was going to be playing, but I didn't know that there would be three other brilliant bands. Well two pretty good and another was just alright. But I do believe that one chick in the third band went to our school. The band was called burried in denmark. The other bands were wheels on the bus and saving summer. I bought two cds. One from CK and the other saving summer, and I was in the car driving back to Wpg and I was like "shit, I should have bought the wheels on the bus cd because they rocked my socks". And then I was mad the rest of the night because I didn't get it, and the two of the four guys from saving summer seemed stuck up and that made me mad because the ck boys were ALL so nice and awesome and HAUT! hehe. They all signed my cd...yes, all seven of them...it was awesome. BUT I really want the wheels on the bus cd now, and I feel bad because their van broke down and they had to get it fixed and now they have no $$. AND the drummer got so hot that he took his shirt off half way through and I wanted to jump him...but that's just me, cause I was with a bunch of boys and clearly they did not harbour the same feelings as me.

So I packed some more...I have a shit load of stuff to bring and it WON'T fit in my room I garauntee. I hate this packing business, I'm SO sick of it now. And yestarday I had to take apart my computer and computer desk because my mom decided that she would give them away...so currently I'm typing ontop of my speakers and my computer is on a night stand. Needless to say my back and neck hurt like a bitch...ok, I'll stop complaining now. Wait..no! This in my journal I can say whatever the hell I want.

Watching QaF alot, it's good. My mom doesn't know that I bought it, or at least I do'nt think that she knows. ah well. I'm moving soon! The End.

P.S. my journal is screwed up with the months...does anyone know how to fix it easily without going entry by entry?
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