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The Not so Wonderful Life
Turn Back Now -- Save Yourself
Yay Easter! **Traffic Cones** 
16th-Apr-2006 11:53 pm
Ok...so exams start tuesday.  I have no study buddies...because everyone else's schedules are completely off mine....grrrr...

So, funny names on msn I've seen today...today just seems like the day for funny ones:

"I haven't been this disappointed since I lost my virginity!"
"V and D - Two letters that can burn!"
"This weekend we celebrate the birth of the easter bunny"
"We drank so much Jesus came back to life!"
"The forecast calls for destruction tonight, death tomorrow and armageddon by the weekend"

...ok that's it...but I was amused.

So funny story...it's really better if told by Kat and I in person, but this will have to suffice.

So Kat was coming over for Easter dinner tonight, to get some swiss chalet and watch some undergrads.  So she's driving here and phones me as per usual a couple minutes before she gets here to tell me to come get her at the bottom of the building.  So I go down to the parking garage and phone her because she's not there yet.  Apparently the conceirge told her that the lot was full and so she was heading back to skule to park.  She started heading back to my place and I decided to put a traffic cone in the parking spot to ensure no one would take it.  Just as she's about to come in, this beamer is in front of her and starts to go for the spot.  So I run over to the spot and nicely say to the wife, who is trying to remove the traffic cone that I was saving that spot. 

Standing in the middle of the parking spot, refusing to move, her husband gets out of the car and starts yelling at me.  I told him that I was saving the spot for my friend, who he asks where she is...and I point to Kat in her car, who is sitting right behind him waving at him.  He just starts yelling that you can't save spots and that he was there first.  I try to explain to him that the conceirge turned Kat away five minutes earlier and if he didn't then she'd already be parked in the spot, and this wouldn't be an issue.  At this point in time, cars were coming in behind the two cars getting really angry and honking.  So the guy decides to move a bit so that the cars can get around him. 

He gets back into his car and moves it back a little bit so Kat still can't get into the spot, and moves forward towards the parking spot, stoping about an inch from me.  I think he was trying to scare me, but I was like "buddy, if you want to hit me, then I'll just sue your ass, so go right ahead"...ok I didn't actually say that, but that's what I was thinking.  So he gets out of the car and keeps yelling, claiming that he was only going to be five minutes to drop his daughter off.  So I ask him why he can't just park in a reserved parking spot for those five minutes, since Kat was going to be at my place for a couple hours at least.  BUT he keeps arguing saying that "that is simply not allowed".  I tell the man that "I have all night, I have nothing to do" so good luck to him.

The man grabs the kid and keys and goes upstairs leaving the car parked diagonally not in the parking spot but in front of...blocking the driveway...and an inch from me, leaving his wife.  His wife starts yelling at me, as I try to talk to her rationally.  Kat gets out of her car and starts talking to the woman, trying to explain the situation about her being denied five minutes prior.  The wife, having the same points of argument as her husband tries to say that parking in a "reserved" spot for five minutes is not allowed.  Kat asks the woman how she was let into the parking garage and not denied by the conceirge.  She tells Kat that the conceirge told them that they were told it was full but they still asked to check.  So they came in.  Knowing she was losing, the woman gets back into the car and slams the door.

So Kat and I begin talking and I give her a hug and she gets the cake to show me that she brought me some of, all while the woman was watching and sitting in her car.  When her husband gets back he begins yelling at Kat and I again.  Still having not very valid points.  Kat asks the man nicely if she can tell him her side of the story, and he agrees.  BUT as soon as she begins talking then he interjects and starts yelling again.  He then goes to his car, grabs a camera and says he wants a picture...so Kat and I gladly pose for him...Kat's arm around me and the other one holding the cake.  Then he proceeded to threaten us by saying that "this will come back to us".  He then claims that the conceirge told him that there was one spot left in the garage and tried to argue that it was his because the conceirge said it was so...when just a few minutes before his wife told us otherwise.  So then we called his bluff and he just got more angry : )

**Note: Still standing in the middle of the parking spot**

He gets back into his car and keeps yelling at us, which at this point Kat say "Excuse me sir, we can't hear you.  Your door is closed" .   I look at Kat and we both burst out laughing.  It was hilarious!!!  But he keeps yelling...and we kept laughing.  So Kat gets back in her car to back up so that he can depart, but before he leaves he unrolls the window on his wife's side and says "have a good night", probably because his wife told him to be nice.  So I simply reply with "Goodnight Sir". 

Thinking that he was finally going to leave, he starts yelling at me through the window.  He claims he's going to come back tomorrow, and I told him "I don't care, I won't be here...I won't even be living here in this building in less that a month...and then I won't be your problem anymore."  He just keeps yelling and I choose to ignore him by replying with "Goodbye Sir",  "Have a good night" , "So long".  He then stops yelling long enough to say that he is going to stay in front of the parking spot in protest because of the way I was acting.   So he back up, but I guess his wife convinces him to leave because then he drives away. 

And Kat got the parking spot!! Overall we were amused by the situation...so it was all good : )

**If I've forgotten anything or anything is wrong please correct me Kat! hehe

Night All!  Goodluck with Exams!
18th-Apr-2006 02:17 am (UTC)
Nope hun, doesn't sound like you missed anything...except I'm not sure if it's there but I'll say it anyways...just before the wife got back in the car to wait for her dear sweet hubby to come back down she told me to discuss the issue further with her husband....clearly this was her telling me that she does not possess the normal brain capacity of most humans and must wait for her husband to tell her what to do...wOOt to parking spot drama...

Truthfully I was slightly disappointed that he left..we could've had a nice candlelight dinner in that parking spot...just me, ellen and this couple...it would've been such a great bonding moment
18th-Apr-2006 05:37 pm (UTC)
Yes, that would have been nice. Maybe next time Kat? hehe.
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