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The Not so Wonderful Life
Turn Back Now -- Save Yourself
14th-Dec-2005 11:03 pm
Engineering Exams Done AND Done! Weeee!!!!!!! Now I only have Anthro left next monday. So apparently...I've suppose to have been reading the textbook all along...during the term...not just starting now...who would have thunk!?! hehe. So that just means I have to read/memorize/know 60 pages of the text per day. Do-able I think. Just means I won't get to do various things, like the b-day celebration on Friday, possibly bnad sk8ting on saturday...yeah. Meh. Hopefully i'll be around to be able to do them next year...wha what?! hehe.

I think that half of my exams went alright...I was acutally only failing one course going into exams. That's superb! And I had a 47%, whoot whoot! No needing 70% to get 50% in the course eh Mavi! sweet deal...remember that night we were sitting in second cup and you started freaking me out about that...yeah...good times. Thanks. It actually made me work harder!

So I messed up 231 hardcore..I'm so made. I was trying to figure out the question and they gave the "camera constant" and I picked out the right equation...and then was working it out on zee paper...and then circles half the equation and wrote "constant" but it didn't click that THAT was the camera constant. Oi Vey! That's all I have to say, i'm a dumb fuck. O well! Hope that goes ok, went into that course with like an 80, so not bad. I just need over a 60 average, *crosses fingers*, *rubs the rabbit foot*, *smacks self in head*, etc, etc, etc. Yeah...so we'll see.

See look at my mood! I'm "artistic" because I'm studying for my artsie exam...isn't that cleaver!! I don't think I spelt that right...which makes it even more funny! I was going to say "funnier", yeah...I'm not meant to be an artsie. O well!

So last night I went to Steins after my last engineering exam. Proceeded to drink a pitcher...yes, not a pint...pitcher. hehe. And then went out for Japenese Food with Nick. Good times. I'm just so happy that engineering exams are done...damn I wish they were all done. If only...it'd be all too perfect to have 27 days of holidays...yeah I know. They had to mess that up for me...damn artsies. Ok, I really DON'T hate the artsies...I'm actually kind of happy because I wouldn't have enough time to study otherwise. Then i'd just be in big doo doo.

Cruise in T-11:00:00 weeeee!!!! I'm soooo excited!! To the rentals on the 20th too...man this is going to rock so much! My mommy asked me what kind of cookies I wanted when I got there...so I sad peanut butter..mmm..and then she asked me what other ones I wanted!!!! Because apparently I have to prep my stomach for the cruise. So I asked for chocolate chip cookies, but my mommy read my mind and said she'd make me imperial cookies..mmm...

Can't Wait!!!

P.S. I don't think that I ever thanked Sarah for this wicked icon!! Weee!!! iCheetah!
15th-Dec-2005 05:20 am (UTC)
I'm sad you can't make it Friday, but i completely understand. Study hard, you'll be awesome!
15th-Dec-2005 07:59 am (UTC)
I *heart* making icons, and I *heart* you, so it's only natural I'd make you an icon at some point...
I'm glad you're fairly confident-somewhat in the exams, I'm sure you pulled through ^_^
Oh, and just so you heart, grey pickled almonds

damn straight
15th-Dec-2005 07:52 pm (UTC)
Haha...see I scared you for your own good (ok I was being stupid) but I am glad it helped and GO ELLEN! You have probably rocked those exams more than you think!

I want cookies too! Bah...you forgot to mention the steak dinner dude! I am hurt not really but its fun to pretend!
16th-Dec-2005 05:20 am (UTC)
Damn! I forgot about the awesome Biftek...or however you spell it...damn damn damn damn! you just introduced THAT much more pain in my life...thanks! haha. Maybe I just pushed it so far back in my mind because it was wicked awesome and i'm just uber jealous I can't go..did you ever think about that, huh, huh?!!! Didn't think so.
16th-Dec-2005 05:18 am (UTC)
should I even ask about the "grey pickled almonds"?? Didn't think so...hehe.
16th-Dec-2005 05:21 am (UTC)
: ( I'm sad, Happy Birthday though!!! And come visit me in my building! haha. 6 bloody floors!!!
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