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ok So I really don't want to study... 1. Your full name: Ellen… 
8th-Dec-2005 10:12 pm

ok So I really don't want to study...

1. Your full name: Ellen Hor Lai Chan
2. Age: 18
3. Height: 5'3"
4. Natural hair colour: Blacky
5. Eye colour: Brown
6. Number of siblings: two
7. Glasses/contacts: I wear my contacts more than my glasses
8. Piercings: Two in each ear, but i'm not suppose to...there's only suppose to be one...
9. Tattoos: No
10. Braces: had them for like 9 months

11. Colour: Green, Red, Blue
12. Place: My bed
13. Band/Musician: TFK?? I don't know, too many...Nirvana..
14. Song: The entire RENT cd right now
15. Stuffed animal: my NoMan
16. Video game: Don't really play...
17. TV show: Don't really watch...
18. Movie: Pride and Prejudice
19. Book: I really liked Alias Grace actually...and the Hitch-hicker's guide...
20. Food: Anything cultury
21. Game on a cell phone: I only have pinball
22. CD cover: Wakefield
23. Flower: Gerber Daisy
24. Scent: Fruity / Men's calogne...:S
25. Animal: Do snowmen count?
26. Comic book: X-Men
27. Cereal: Vector with yogurt
28. Website: my e-mail?
29. Cartoon: Alvin and the Chipmunks? haha.  It's good.

30. Play an instrument? Used to play the F-Horn...and the piano, and the violin...but not anymore...but i've kind of started with piano again
31. Watch TV more than 60 hours a week? No time!
32. Like to sing? Mhmm, just can't
33. Have a job? Nope
34. Have a cell phone? Yup.
35. Like to play sports? Again, i'm not really good, but I love to!
36. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes
37. Have a crush on someone? Always! hehe
38. Live somewhere NOT in the United States? Yuppers, well I kind of live...nevermind
39. Have more than 5 TVs in your house? Nope, one.
40. Have any special talents/skills? No, but if someone wants to give me one for Godiva's crown...
41. Exercise daily? Just walk to school...sad...
42. Like school? I like Skule, not really school...

43. Sing the alphabet backwards? I tried, didn't work so well
44. Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes? I could before I messed up my ankle...
45. Speak any other languages? Not really, have to get on that
46. Go a day without food? Exhibit A: this entire week...fcuk exams
47. Stay up for more than 24 hours? Yup, weee exams!
48. Read music, not just tabs? guess so
49. Roll your tongue? Mhmm : )
50. Eat a whole pizza? Hells yah!

51. Snuck out of the house? Yup
52. Cried to get out of trouble? Yup
53. Gotten lost in your city? haha yeah...sad but true.
54. Seen a shooting star? Nope, but I really want to.
55. Been to any other countries besides the United States? ?Yup
56. Had a serious surgery? Nope
57. Stolen something important to someone else? I gave it back!
58. Solved a Rubik's Cube? Nope
59. Gone out in public in your pajamas? Exhibit B: This week...entire week...
60. Cried over a girl? nope
61. Cried over a boy? don't think so...wait...yes...yes I have.
62. Kissed a random stranger? Uhhh...*Tugs on collar* yes.
63. Hugged a random stranger? Yes
64. Been in a fist fight? Don't think so
65. Been arrested? Nope...picked up by the mice but that's it.
66. Done drugs? nope
67. Had alcohol? haha...is that even a question?
68. Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?nope, but i'll try...
69. Pushed all the buttons on an elevator? hehe yes. I'm evil
70. Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc? : ( yes
71. Swore at your parents? yeah, me and me mummy have swearing/bitch fests.
72. Been to warped tour? NO!!!! DAMN!!!
73. Kicked a guy where it hurts? Mhmm! And i'll do it again if someone gets in my way. : )
74. Been in love? With a boy, no, with objects, yes. hehe.  Sad but true
75. Been close to love? Don't think so
76. Been to a casino? Not yet
77. Ran over an animal and killed it? Nope
78. Broken a bone? Nope
79. Gotten stitches? Nope
80. Had a waterballoon fight in winter? Good Idea!
81. Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour? yeah, I felt tres sick after
82. Made homemade muffins? yup yummy
83. Bitten someone? Indeed
84. Been to Disneyland/Disneyworld? Yes siree! twice!
85. More than 5 times? Nope
86. Been to Niagara Falls? yuppers, it is only like an hour and a bit away!
88. Gotten the chicken pox? Yuppers

89. Brushed your teeth: this morning
90. Went to the bathroom: like 10 minutes ago
91. Saw a movie in the theatre: Two fridays ago...RENT!!! Weee!!
92. Read a book: A week ago maybe, I just want to read! damn exams!
93. Had a snow day: When I was in Winnipeg :( not here
94. Had a party: 16th B-day party? Darkzone...I think that was the last one hosted by me.
95. Had a slumber party: Well does Kat sleeping over on my floor count? Real slumber party not until next Term! Eh!! Come on Guys!!
96. Made fun of someone: Today probably.
97. Tripped in front of someone: uhhh this week sometime maybe...I know Alaina did today, I couldn't stop laughing for like 10 minutes.  Actually.
98. Went to the grocery store: HAHA. We don't own food.
99. Got sick: Currently
100. Cursed: Today?  I curse too much.

101. Fruit/vegetables: Fruit
102. Black/white: Black
103. Lights on/lights off: off, unless i'm trying to work...but usually lights off mean sleep time. : D
104. TV/movie: movie
105. Car/truck: driving car, riding in...truck
106. Body spray/lotion: Body Spray, i'm lazy
107. Cash/cheque: Cash
108. Pillows/blankets: Blankets...aww yeah baby
109. Headache/stomach ache: Headache
110. Paint/charcoal: Paint.
111. Chinese food/Mexican food: Chinese.
112. Summer/winter: Winter!!!!
113. Snow/rain: Snow!!!
114. Fog/misty: Fog! So ominiscent!
115. Rock/rap: Rock.
116. Meat/vegetarian: I go both ways...hehe.
117. Boy/girl: I love boys. (good way of putting it Sara)
118. Chocolate/vanilla: Chocolate!!
119. Sprinkles/icing: Icing.
120. Cake/pie: Chocolate cake!
121. French toast/french fries: Fries!!!
122. Strawberries/blueberries: Strawberries
123. Ocean/swimming pool: Hot tub?? hehe.
124. Hugs/kisses: both!
125. Cookies/muffins: cookies
126. p33n/bewbz: got nothing.
127. Wallet/pocket: wallet
128. Window/door: Door.
129. Emo/goth: I went through both...so meh, neither now
130. Pink/purple: Pink
131. Cat/dog: I'm kind of allegric to both...but I like both.
132. Long sleeve/short sleeve: Short
133. Pants/shorts: Pants.
134. Winter break/spring break: Winter
135. Spring/autumn: Autumn
136. Clouds/clear sky: clear sky!
137. Moon/Mars: Mars...one day...; )

138. How many friends do you have? Uhh...
139. What are their names? *insert names*
140. Do you have a best friend? I have multiple.
141. Have you ever liked one of your friends? Yes...
142. Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? Probably split 1/2 1/2
143. Have you ever lost a friend? in what context...
144. Have you ever gone to an amusement park with a friend? yup
145. What's an inside joke between you and a friend? "Ginger Ckicken" I think that's the lastest one
146. Have you ever gotten in a big argument with a friend? Sure have.
147. What's the nicest thing you've ever done for a friend? Yeah, i'm not very nice.
148. What's the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you? There's all too much for me to name. I love my friends!
149. Do you miss any of your old friends? Yup sure do, all my winnipeg folk
151. Do you regret anything you've done to a friend? Yeah, but usually they understand.  But I general don't regret much. Cold, heartless, that's me. 
152. If so, what is it?
153. How often do you spend time with your friends? All the time.  I live with some of them.
154. Do any of your friends drive? Yup, but not around here...too much trouble.
155. Has a friend of yours ever died? Nope.
156. What's the dumbest thing you've done with a friend? Haha can't think of anything off the top of my head..
157. What do you think your friends think of you? Crazy, Wacko, Retarded? hehe.  I don't know, I leave it up to their disgretion
158. Have you ever been in love? Haven't we answered this one?
159. If you have, with who? Bah!
160. Are you single? No
161. Are you in a relationship? Yes
162. If so, for how long? a couple weeks...I don't know.
163. Do you believe there is someone for everyone? yup
164. What is your idea of the best date? something creative...anything creative...or actually just spending time with each other is good enough for me.
165. What was your first kiss like? haha ok, I can't beat Sara's haha.  But Space Camp...the year before uni?  Maybe...yeah, whatever it took me awhile.
166. How old were you when you got your first kiss? 16...15?
167. Do you think love is a load of shit? not always
168. What's the best experience you've ever had with the opposite sex? Just spending time with someone you like...and learning about them.
169. Have you ever been dumped? Indeed I have.
170. Have you ever dumped someone? Kind of.
171. What's the most sexual thing you've done with the opposite sex? Uhh...nothing i'd wish to repeat...or whom with...*shudder*

172. Slippers: soft
173. Hat: baseball cap
174. Hard: hat
175. Free: No School!
176. Space: Mars
177. Taste: Smell
178. Good Charlotte: Whoooo!!!!!!!!!!!! GC BABY! hehe
179. Red: Canada
180. Deep: sea diving?
181. Heart: <3
182. Cord: my desk...
183. Cheese: Marble
184. Rain: Singing in the...
185. Work: School...engineering
186. Pedal: put the pedal to the..
187. Head: lettuce
188. Bed: YES PLEASE
189. Fluff: marshmallow
190. Hardcore: punk
191. Race: life
192. Knife: cutting
193. Jump: "....when I say jump, don't ask me how high..."

194. hate school.
195. don't know what i'm doing.
196. don't want to study.
197. did my laundry today.
198. and procrastinating like no tomorrow.
199. have three exams left.
200. considering going to bnad sk8ting.
201. watched an episode of the family guy today
202. am getting rapped by exams.
203. should be rapping exams.
204. want this section to stop.
205. *heart* all my friends.
206. am waking up at 7:00 to get a kick ass study room tomorrow.

207. What is your favourite genre of music? I listen to alot, musicals, christian rock, rock, etc
208. What time is it now? 9:58 pm
209. What day is it? December 8, 2005
210. When's the last time you called someone? Erik this morning.
211. How much money do you have right now? enough..
212. Are you hungry? nope
213. Whatcha doin'? procrastinating
214. Do you like parades? I sure do! I like crashing them more!
215. Do you like the moon? Of course!
216. What are you going to do when you're done with this? Study...or just talk to Sarah : D
217. Isn’t cup a funny word when you repeat it over and over? nope, but I think other words are...like smashy...and cuticle
218. If you could have any magical power what would it be? Teleportation
219. Have you ever had a picnic? I want one now! Yes!
220. Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young? Yeah, I was spoiled, what can I say. : S
221. What about sock 'em boppers? haha AWW YEAH!
222. Are you wearing any socks right now? Nope.

223. funny? at times.  I try : ( hehe.
224. pretty? not really.
225. sarcastic? sure am!
226. lazy? Yes.
227. hyper? depends.
228. friendly? I try.
229. evil? yeah, I really am.
230. smart? not in the least.
231. strong? I'd like to think I am...but nope.
232. talented? Nope
233. dorky? Of course, i'm in engineering..

234. suicide: against
235. love: for
236. drunk drivers: uhh hello!! AGAINST
237. airplanes: for
238. war: Against.
239. Canada: for? hehe.
240. United States: for visiting...my parents...
241. rock music: For.
242. gay marriage: Don't get me started, but generally for
243. school: for
244. surveys: for...procrastination...hehe
245. parents: for wtf!!
246. cars: for
247. killing: against.
248. Britney Spears: for, she's got catchy songs!
249. coffee: for, but I should be against.
250. pants: on John...for! I'm studying I swear!!

251. Sky dive? As soon as it's warm enough!
252. Play strip poker? sure why not
253. Run away? I did when I was little.
254. Curse at a teacher? have.  BP man.
255. Not take a shower for a week? I think it's been done...that's what holidays are for! Go Summer!!
256. Ask someone out? sure...but i'd prefer if they asked me out.  Exhibit c: hehe. any guy.
257. Lie to someone to make them think better of you? no, why?
258. Visit a foreign country for more than a month? SURE WOULD!
259. Go scuba diving? already have.
260. Write a book? Don't think i'm that talented.
261. Become a rockstar? I wish!!! If I could I would! Kat and I hehe.
262. Have casual sex? Uhh...possibly, but i'm going towards no right now.

263. What shampoo do you use? Herbal Essences, cliche I know
264. When's the last time you did something sexual with the opposite sex? Uhh...define "Sexual" hehe. kidding!
265. What kind of computer do you have? Laptop
266. What grade are you in? Second year MSE!!! Weee!!!
267. Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies? sure do!
268. Or just make out? I paid for the movie dammit!!
269. How many posters do you have in your room? On this wall, none, no time...but on my wall in rez...hundreds!
270. How many CDs do you have? not that many...a book full
271. What time is it now? 10:07...what what? haha.  45 minutes later. haha sad

10th-Dec-2005 08:08 pm (UTC)
Ah yes. It's totally why surveys were invented--avoiding real work. At least that's what I use them for.
10th-Dec-2005 08:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I agree completely...and that's why I love them so.
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